Freelancers: the smartest way to find your next mission

October 17, 2018 at 10:56 AM Tags: Economy, Entrepreneurship, Productivity, Technology, freelance, "freelancing", Efficiency, Pay Advancement, Freelancers, Job, Interview

All good things come to an end. Including freelancing jobs. As the end of your mission nears, you are probably on the lookout for new assignments. But will you undertake this quest the old-fashioned way, or will you move to freelancing 3.0?


As your mission draws to an end, you are probably slowly starting to polish your resume and boost your LinkedIn profile. Soon, you will start actively looking for a new freelance assignment. What if there was a different way to do it?

Job-seeking, the old-fashioned way

As a freelancer, there are plenty of traditional ways to find your next mission. They all have their plus sides, but sadly enough, there is always a minus side as well:

  • visiting job boards: depending on your line of work, there are usually quite a few job boards you can start looking at. But you will still spend a lot of time combing through the job postings to find the ones that really match your criteria.
  • prowling on LinkedIn: this is quite a nice way to find new opportunities. You can browse your feed, use the job-finding function, join groups, and, of course, make sure your profile mentions that you are actively looking for your next challenge. Then again, that quest could take up hours of your time.
  • trusting your agent(s): you might also work with an agent, or a recruitment agency specialising in freelance work. While some of them are doing an excellent job, most do not take enough time to understand exactly what it is you’re good at. As a result, you also get a lot of sub-optimal offers that you will spend too much time eliminating. Also, don’t forget: they charge their clients a sizeable margin, which means less money for you.

Eventually, these methods will reap interesting results, but they have a major flaw: they are all very time-consuming. So why don’t you try something different this time?

hireme: mission-seeking made easy

Another possibility would be to join hireme. This platform is based on a radical idea:

No harassment! You won’t receive mass emails from recruiters, because you decide who can contact you. In fact, companies do not even have access to freelancer profiles. They will only see you when you decide that you are interested in one of the missions they post on the board.

In other words, hireme will enable you to gain a lot of time by seeing only relevant job postings. It will also smoothen out the hiring process by using intelligent automation. And there are other cool features that you will soon wish other platforms had.

But don’t just take our word for it. Why not give hireme a try? It’s free, and registration will only take a few minutes of your time.



Written by hireme