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When you think of “freelancing”, the first thing that typically comes to mind is “freedom”. I mean, it makes sense after all - both terms are basically just derivatives of the word “free”.

The flexible lifestyle, geographic mobility, and general lucrativeness of being a freelancer have proven to be very appealing to many people.

However, what doesn’t typically come to mind right off the bat are the tenuous administrative burdens that come with being a freelancer.

If you’ve been involved in the freelancing market, then you most definitely know exactly what we’re talking about.

Things such as mission procurement, rate negotiation, contract generation, invoicing, timesheet reporting, and of course tax accounting are some of the dreaded tasks that come with freelancing. Arguably more dreaded than eating your vegetables as a kid. Yuk!

It seems like a never-ending, time-consuming cycle. A cycle that plagues the very essence of being a freelancer.

I mean isn’t “freelancing” supposed to be about “freedom”?

Yeah. We thought so too, so we decided to do something about it.

One revolutionary idea and a whole lot of developing later – hireme was born.

hireme redefines the freelancing market in many different ways including eliminating intermediaries, annihilating all contract upselling, and introducing near-instantaneous payment, among many other things.

But you’re not here to read about that now, are you? You’re here to learn how to automate your administrative tasks - so let’s dive right into that.

In addition to all of those other game-changing features, hireme boasts full administrative task automation. Yup, you read that correctly. FULL ADMINISTRATIVE TASK AUTOMATION.

Let’s get into what this means, shall we?


Basically, hireme takes care of it all.

Everything from mission matching, rate negotiation, and contract generation all the way to invoicing, timesheet reporting, and tax accounting. All you have to do as a freelancer is submit your timesheets & expense sheets. That’s it.

Really, it’s actually that easy.

You may find yourself wondering what all this is going to cost you. Well, we are proud to say that hireme is 100% free to use for freelancers.

We don’t call ourselves game-changers for nothing.

Ready to join? Getting started is easy.

All you have to do is visit and proceed through the account creation process.

With ID verification and all other steps included, it really shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes.

Once you’re all signed up and our support team has verified your ID, you’ll be able get started bidding on missions and enjoying full administrative automation right away – all 100% free.

Join hireme today to become a part of how we’re redefining freelancing!


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