10 signs your freelance assignment is just great

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Freelance work gives you a lot of freedom. The best, of course, being the freedom to choose your client and your assignment. So how do you know you landed in a good place? Here are a few pointers.

You’re happy in the morning

You don’t dread Monday mornings. Or any mornings, as a matter of fact. You feel energised and ready to take on the world. And scuttle happily to your client’s premises.

You can picture yourself working there over the next few months

Quite nice to know that imagining yourself in the same seat weeks or even months from now doesn’t send shivers down your spine – quite the contrary. It’s not just that you feel great commuting to work every day, you know this feeling is going to last for a long time.

You are learning every day

Learning is a very important aspect of freelance work. Since you are responsible for your own career, being faced with new challenges and getting the opportunity to grow and acquire new knowledge and valuable experience is key. When you’re on an assignment that is full of learning opportunities, you are indeed in a great place!

You feel trusted

Client satisfaction is of course one of your top priorities. But even more important is the feeling that your client trusts you, and values your input. Because it means they understand exactly what you bring to the table and how it’s useful to them.

Your colleagues ask for your opinion

Being in a work environment where your colleagues know they can draw on your expertise and don’t hesitate to ask for your advice is just great. It means you have earned their trust, and they respect your experience. Priceless.

You feel you belong

It’s not just that you get along great with your colleagues, it’s a lot more. It’s the incredible feeling that you were made for that job. You have a deep-seated conviction that your contribution really makes a difference, and that the experience you are building will also make a difference for you in the future.

You would recommend that client to other freelancers

Is your client looking for extra manpower? The fact that you’re willing to share the offer with your network along with a warm recommendation is definitely an indication you are indeed in a great place.

You’re making new contacts and expanding your network

Let’s face it: you’re a freelancer. Which means you never really lose sight of the need to find new assignments. When your current mission gives you the opportunity to meet new people and grow your network, and when your responsibilities send out the signal that you are a trusted contractor, you are in for some golden opportunities down the road.

You feel rewarded

We’re not just talking money here. We’re talking about all these little signs that tell you that your client and your colleagues care about your work: the little words of praise, the smiles, the warm handshakes. Of course, money is nice, but a pat on the back feels even nicer!

You secretly hope the client will extend your mission

And this, of course, is the final sign you landed in a great place. But don’t just sit there and hope: why don’t you go and have a chat with your client? At this point, there is a fair chance that they will be more than enthusiastic about the idea!

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